About us

The Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity is a local charity benefiting everyone who uses our hospitals.

The main aim of the charity is to improve patient, visitor and staff welfare at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Cromer and District Hospital and Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital.

While the NHS provides the necessities, the charity supports projects that make the hospital experience a better one for patients, visitors and staff. Your donations are used in many ways, from funding toys on our children’s wards to lifesaving equipment across the Trust.

All donations are held in our own charity account which is separate from that of the Trust. We have strict guidelines and procedures to ensure your money is spent complimenting and enhancing the work of the NHS.

While general, unrestricted donations allow us to spend the money where the need is greatest, we understand that you may want to donate towards a specific ward or department. Please tell us where you would like your money to be spent when making a donation.

This is the main charity of the Trust but we are extremely grateful for the help of many other charities and organisations that support our work including our two Friends organisations.

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