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As the N&N Hospital Charity we have a clear focus of how and where we can add value to NNUH patients and staff by generating income through fundraising and making grants to departments, wards and projects across our hospitals.

The Charity funds projects that improve every aspect of healthcare and deliver the very best experience and outcomes for our patients. This is always additional to what the NHS should fund. We give grants that enhance services and facilities, support research and development, and improve the working environment for staff.

We support a number of major, strategic appeals and projects that transform the life chances of patients. We also fund a wide range of smaller, less visible but no less meaningful projects that support innovation or make hospital admissions and visits less overwhelming, and more comfortable for patients and their families.

The Charity’s Grants Team manages more than 300 funds set up to support specific wards and departments across the hospitals. This means we are able to make sure that money given to wards and departments is available to fund projects in those areas. The Charity also has general funds that it uses for projects across the Trust, where no separate fund exists, or where help is most needed.

If you are a member of staff at one of NNUH’s hospitals, we may have an existing fund for your department or ward. Each designated fund has two fund advisers, who can submit applications for funding. If you have a project that you would like Charity funding to support, please talk to your fund adviser or get in touch with the Grants Team.

You can contact the Grants Team at:

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