Imaging Appeal

Imagine this…

Being able to provide more scans and greater access to imaging technology and facilities will save more lives in our local community. Modern imaging facilities help improve the survival chances of thousands of people each year, giving all of our patients and their families a brighter future.

Providing additional facilities and equipment will help earlier diagnosis and faster treatment for more patients, including those with cancer, cardiac and kidney disease or stroke.

That is the vision for the new  N&N Imaging Appeal, launched as we celebrate 250 years of philanthropy & the 250th anniversary of opening the N&N Hospital.

A key element of this Appeal is to raise funds to support the introduction of a thrombectomy service at N&N Hospital – receiving patients from across the region, to enable the urgent removal of clots (thrombus) that cause a stroke.  Scans enable doctors to pinpoint the cause of the stroke and guide the removal of the clots, restoring blood supply to the brain.  This technique is a major advance in the treatment of stroke patients – saving lives and reducing disability.

Our appeal aims to provide more equipment, more services and more facilities where they are most needed at the N&N; this could be another MRI scanner or an additional CT scanner or creating the special facilities necessary to accommodate these services for patients.

Help us to help patients live their life to the fullest by supporting our appeal. Help us to help patient live their life to the fullest by supporting our appeal. To get involved please email or donate at

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