How your money helps

Thanks to kind donors and fundraisers, we can fund extra services, equipment and research above what the NHS provides.

These range from life-saving technologies to the special touches that really do help patients feel better and give their loved ones much-needed peace of mind. Be it a 1950s dayroom, the state of theatre, a new unit or service such as brachytherapy or intensive care equipment for newborns, every penny makes a difference to our patients both young and old.

Key areas we support

Patients and their families

Supporting patients is at the heart of our work, providing funding for specialist services, equipment and comforts that complement or go above existing NHS-funded services.


In 2018 we help provide highly valued seed funding for early stage research projects as well as other clinical research projects undertaken in our hospitals.

Technology and Equipment

Medical equipment evolves at a speed which the NHS cannot keep pace. We have a reputation of being among the leaders in technological innovation and, each year, our charitable funding helps to ensure that more innovative ideas can be translated into patient benefit.

Investing in our Staff

We support ways to develop the skills and well-being of staff to help them further their knowledge and enabling them to provide even better care.

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AdamHow your money helps