Our patrons & ambassadors

We are extremely thankful to our ambassadors who play a vital role in supporting the N&N Hospitals Charity. They represent us at functions, organise events, take part in incredible challenges, raise our profile and promote us through their business networks and in their local communities. The ambassadors who take on these honorary positions do so as volunteers for the charity, and have no legal responsibility.

Business ambassadors

Our business ambassadors  come from a wide range of  backgrounds and support  the charity in many ways  from sharing their skills and  resources to introducing  contacts and helping with  sponsorship and networking  opportunities.

Celebrity ambassadors

We are so grateful to our celebrity ambassadors for promoting and raising the profile of the charity, attending charity events and media launches, visiting the hospital and meeting patients and introducing the charity to key contacts.

Patient & family ambassadors

Our Patient and Family ambassadors are vital members of Team N&N. We are extremely lucky to have patient and family ambassadors across Norfolk who help build support for the N&N Hospitals Charity in their local communities by attending many events, collections and organising their own  fundraising activities.

Staff ambassadors

We’re indebted to the staff at our hospitals who are hugely supportive of the work of the  charity. They help to raise  the profile of the charity with  other staff and patients and  encourage participation in  our events as well as helping  suggest what we can do to further benefit patients and families.

Young ambassadors

We are overwhelmed with the amount of young people of all  ages from toddlers to young  adults who support our charity in so many ways  for lots of different reasons. Our young ambassadors are  our future and many have  overcome significant challenges  in their lives and have already  organised major fundraising  events for the charity.

AdamOur patrons & ambassadors