Charity of the Year

Choosing N&N Hospitals Charity is a Healthy New Year Resolution

For charities, receiving the accolade of ‘Charity of the Year’ or the title of ‘Dedicated Charity to Support’, means everything. To have the support of reputable companies from within our community locally and nationally, assists us in communicating with a variety of audiences that we would not otherwise reach on our own and aides in generating further income that we would not have otherwise raised to further support patients.

We would be delighted to speak with you about your process of choosing N&N Hospitals Charity as your dedicated charity. And, the best thing about choosing N&N Charity to support means that you can designate your funds to any of our appeals, wards or departments within our hospitals in Norwich and Cromer especially if you and your colleagues have had an experience in the N&N, Jenny Lind or Cromer hospitals. Just let us know.

*If you do not have a designated area and want to support us now, please do as this allows us to allocate funds where the need is greatest.

Corporate fundraising should be seen as a team building exercise to unite staff behind a cause that is right on the doorstep that everyone can identify with and feel inspired about, which will raise much needed awareness as you all tell your clients, customers, family and friends of your fundraising activities and legitimacy for our cause within the community as our names sit side-by-side for this common goal.

By choosing N&N Hospitals Charity you will be choosing a charity with a fundraising team that want to create a lasting relationship with you in your aim to raise contributory funds that will improve the wellbeing of patients treated in our hospitals. Not only that, we understand that you have CSR objectives to meet and we as a team are here to help you surpass them.

If you are in the process of choosing your Charity of the Year, please consider N&N Hospitals Charity and contact Mercy Kaggwa: 01603 287107 email: for more details on what this means

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