Patients and their families

Supporting patients is at the heart of our work, providing funding for specialist services, equipment and comforts that complement existing NHS-funded services.

Here are a few examples of recently funded projects:

Assisting a patient from the floor

The Hover Jack Lifting Kit is used to recover a patient who may be on the floor following a fall or other emergency, and eliminates the risk to staff in manual lifting.

Manual Handling Coordinator Derek Smith trains staff in how to use the kit to lift a patient from the floor and from bed to bed.

The kit reduces the number of staff needed to transfer the patient and also the time it takes to move the patient. It is also more comfortable for the patient.

Preventing falls in hospital

We help to provide safe and comfortable slippers for those patients who arrive without them, perhaps because they have been admitted in an emergency and have no one to bring some in.

When people come into hospital they can spend too much time in bed which may contribute to them becoming less independent and delay their recovery. In order to move safely, people need to wear well-fitted shoes or slippers and it is important that we are able to provide the correct ones if a patient comes in without any. Wearing safe footwear not only helps to prevent falls when in hospital but also helps patients feel more confident when moving around.

Specialist Spinal Bed

The charity allocated £26,000 to purchase a specialist legacy spinal turning bed for the treatment of complex trauma, including multiple injuries, spinal, and spinal cord injuries and acute medical conditions. Patients who were previously considered to be ‘not for turning’ can now be turned safely and comfortably – improving care without compromising their condition.

AdamPatients and their families