Recently Funded Research Projects

We are deeply appreciative of generous gifts and legacies donated to the charity by our supporter families and individuals.

Seed Corn Research Grants

Professor A Wilson; Dr D Cameron; Dr D Willis; Dr M Graves – development of magnetic resonance elastography protocol on the 3T MRI scanner at NNUH, and scanning of 20 patients and 10 healthy volunteers

C. Aldus;  Professor K Sanderson; Dr M Patel – research into the impact of the new OPM ED

Professor M Moncrief; Professor K Bowles; Dr S Rushworth – understanding the cytokine profile of metastatic melanoma

Dr G Thorpe; Mr J Hernon; Professor A Forbes – to investigate biomarkers to predict risk, incidence and/or duration of post-operative ileus following colorectal resection surgery

AdamRecently Funded Research Projects