Brothers take on gruelling charity mountain challenge

Two brothers are preparing to climb the equivalent of Mount Everest by scaling Snowdon in Wales eight times in four days to support the N&N Hospitals Charity.

Ben, who works as a tree surgeon, and Sam, who is in the Royal Air Force, will take up their challenge at the end of September.

The pair will be fundraising for the Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, a cause close to their hearts.

Sam Brown, pictured, aims to climb Snowdon eight times with his brother Ben

Ben said: “My wife and I recently experienced the fabulous work of the EPAU after suffering a missed miscarriage which had a huge impact on our family so we decided to donate any money we raise to the hospital charity.

“We will be climbing up and back down Snowdon 8.2 times in four days, which will be the equivalent elevation of Mount Everest, and around 64 miles.”

The brothers have already started training which involves lots of walking, and although Norfolk is not the best place for mountain training, Ben and Sam are hoping to be in peak condition when they head to Wales for the challenge.

Ben said: “We both have military experience and have done our fair share of walking in boots with weight on our back in the Welsh hills, so we have a good base standard to start training from.

“We will try and get to as many hilly areas as possible in the build up to the challenge to get our ‘hill legs’.”

You can support Ben and Sam on their Everest Challenge here.

The EPAU is a specialist unit which manages early pregnancy problems such bleeding and pain, and cares for women who have had problems in previous pregnancies, including a previous ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or recurrent miscarriage.

For more information about the N&N Hospitals Charity, including how you fundraise, please contact



CrombieBrothers take on gruelling charity mountain challenge