N&N Hospitals Charity Summer Raffle winners announced

The N&N Hospitals Charity Summer Raffle was drawn on Wednesday 5th July, thanks to support from Sam Higginson and the Stroke & Neurosciences Team on Heydon Ward.

The winner of the first prize of £1,000 was Rosie Wigg with ticket 17677, who has very generously asked us to keep the money as a donation to our Stroke & Neurosciences Appeal.  Rosie has made this gesture thanks to her strong Catholic faith and hopes that it helps support improvements for Stroke and Neurosciences patients.  We are very grateful for this generous donation.

The second prize of £500 was won by Mrs C Stocks (17263), who had popped into the Charity Hub to make a donation, and was persuaded to buy some raffle tickets.  She was very grateful to be a winner.

Four prizes of £50 were won by Mrs Stimpson (18316), B Taylor (16681), M Pearce (14170) and Jane B (13890).

£100 voucher from Mr Mengal’s restaurant was won by Lucy G (13564)

A hotel stay and breakfast for two was won by Spencer M (12826)

A bottle of ‘fancy’ prosecco was won by Sally N (15863)

A bottle of Home Farm Gin was won by Claire R (13599)

Four bottles of prosecco were won by Olly F (12888),  C Jameson (16154), P Harris (14853) and Carl R (16812).  Two bottles have been returned for a future draw.

Five Facebook Portal TV cameras were won by Daniel C (15203), Mr M.S. (14257), Lisa S (12586), Amanda (13249) and Kathryn (12646)

Congratulations to our winners, and thank you to everyone who took part for the benefit of our Stroke and Neurosciences Appeal.

We have tried to contact all winners, however if your name or ticket number appears in this list, and we have not been able to make contact, please do pop into the Charity Hub, send an email to or call 01603 287107.

CrombieN&N Hospitals Charity Summer Raffle winners announced