Family of NICU baby hit £20k mark for N&N Hospitals Charity

The family of a boy who spent his first days on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at NNUH have raised more than £20,000 for the N&N Hospitals Charity, including £2,333 this year alone.

Jack Baker, from Norwich, was born by emergency caesarean section in September 2009 after mum Lucy suffered a placental abruption which meant that his heartbeat had slowed considerably.

The delivery team spent eight minutes resuscitating Jack before he was taken to the NICU where he took part in what was then a pioneering programme called TOBY which involved cooling his body to reduce any damage to the brain following oxygen deprivation.

Jack is now a happy, healthy 13-year-old, and to say thanks to the NICU which cared for him, Lucy and husband Simon, and grandparents Jane and Adrian, have held an annual coffee morning and crafts sale to raised thousands for the charity.

Lucy and Simon recalled their time on NICU: “When Jack was about eight hours old, Dr Roy, the consultant paediatrician, explained what had happened and that Jack had been deprived of oxygen at birth, and said that Jack was very poorly; he might experience fits and seizures, his liver wasn’t functioning properly and nor were his kidneys.

“Consultant Neonatologist Rahul Roy suggested the TOBY cooling mat.   

“The treatment involved cooling his body temperature by three or four degrees, thereby reducing any damage to the brain following his oxygen deprivation.

“During the next 72 hours, although we had a very poorly baby to think about, we were so impressed with and grateful to the whole NICU team.

“His recovery in the NICU was amazing thanks to the care and dedication of the staff and, during the 12 days we were there, we always felt welcomed.

“Had it not been for the treatment he received at the NICU, it would have been a very different story.”

Jack’s grandmother Jane, who hosts the hugely popular annual fundraiser in the garden of her North Tuddenham home, said: “People are so generous and we don’t charge for anything, just donations.

“Jack is 13 now and he loves the fundraising. Ever since he was little he has said thank you to everyone.

“The annual event is a lot of work but worth it and has become part of everybody’s life.”

Lynn Crombie, from the N&N Hospitals Charity, said: “Jack’s is such a fantastic story and it’s wonderful that all the family continue to support our NICU.

“The money they have raised over the years have helped to support many other families and we are so grateful for their continued support.”

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CrombieFamily of NICU baby hit £20k mark for N&N Hospitals Charity