‘Lockdown Pots’ raise £1,031 for hospital charity

Two potters have raised more than £1,000 for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals Charity from the sale of ‘Lockdown Pots’ made to mark the first six weeks of lockdown in England.

Charlotte Harrison, from Saxlingham Nethergate, and Jo Scholfield, from Bungay, made 42 pots each from 23 March to 4 May which were given in return for a donation at a table-top sale at Adelaide House, Saxlingham Nethergate, last month.

Facing the difficulties of accessing materials during lockdown, both potters used the limited clay and materials they had to hand at the time.Jo, left, and Charlotte prepare for the sale

Charlotte made 42 flower pots each stamped with ‘Lockdown Pot’ and Jo made 42 small cylindrical vases each stamped with ‘NHS’ and ‘Lockdown’. A sunflower was grown to be given with every flower pot and a posy of garden flowers was given with every vase.

Thanks to the donations, £1,031 was raised for the charity which will go to the Critical Care Complex (also known as the Intensive Care Unit).

Charlotte said: “We never expected to gather such huge local support and to raise so much money, but people were moved to donate generously for the NHS and to have a me mento of Lockdown.

“We would both like to thank everyone involved for helping to make this project a great success.”

Lynn Crombie, from the N&N Hospitals Charity, said: “We are always grateful to our fundraisers who enable us to do so much more to enhance the care which patients receive at our hospital.

“The money raised will make a huge difference to our team on the Critical Care Unit as well as the patients and their families who may use these facilities in the future.”

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Crombie‘Lockdown Pots’ raise £1,031 for hospital charity